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    Spring Dresses

    I absolutely love Spring time! And, I have been on the hunt lately to stock up my wardrobe with some new, colorful spring items. So, I wanted to share with you all my favorite Spring dresses I have found through my search. These are perfect for Easter coming up, graduation, a vacation, or just for fun! All items below are linked, so you just need to click on the picture and that will take you directly to the item. 🙂 XoXo,

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    Home Buying Process

    I can’t believe that it has already been one year since we moved into our beautiful little home here in Raleigh! Buying our first home was one of the most emotional, and rewarding times of our lives. We truly didn’t know what to expect, and somehow we came out of it alive-hahah! So, I wanted to share a few things to consider while going through your first home buying experience. Do Your Research It is so important to find a realtor that you can trust, and know that they are educated within their field. When you and your realtor are putting in your offer, you want to make sure that…

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    “Be our guest”

    I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE hosting and having visitors over for the weekend! One of the perks of now having a home, is that I can really cater to my guests, and make them feel at home, even when they are far away from it. Now that we live in Raleigh, whenever family members and friends come to visit, it is for at least the weekend since we are so far away. So, it is really important to me that they feel comfortable staying at our house. We have had a lot of visitors recently, so I wanted to share with you all some of my…

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    Spring Clothing Haul

    It’s finally time for Spring! And, I couldn’t be more excited. I wanted to put together some of my favorite spring looks for you, so you can get ready for the new season. I know a lot of us have vacations planned, or maybe this will be the inspiration you need to book your next trip (I’m thinking somewhere warm). So, let’s do some shopping 😉 XoXo,

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    Asheville Travel Guide

    Things to Do: Biltmore:  Well, this one is a given. If you do anything, this has got to be on the list. It is a bit expensive as far as admission prices go, but you can literally spend the entire day there exploring. Between the mansion, the grounds, the winery, and Antler Hill Village (dining, shops, etc.), you won’t run out of things to do. You can also do additional “Behind the Scene” tours, but they are an additional cost on top of the admissions price. Either way, your experience at The Biltmore will be unforgettable. Dupont National Forest: If you are wanting to go to hiking during your time…

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    Planning Your Next Getaway

    And we’re off! Asheville here we come! I can’t wait to explore Asheville, and share my visit with you guys afterwards. The hubs and I love to travel whether it’s a weekend getaway, or a big vacation. One thing we always do before we go is research the place we are going to beforehand. So, I wanted to share with you all a few things that help us when we are planning an upcoming trip. Figure out where you’re staying.    This is where we always start off when planning because it’s going to determine a lot of other things. I tend to use Airbnb or Booking.com to reserve our…

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    How to Make a Budget and Stick to It

    Anyone else feel like money is one of those things that constantly gets thrown around, but is rarely actually talked about? From a young age, I have always been money conscious. I remember even sitting down with my mom when I was ten, trying to come up with a savings plan..like who does that? But, many times, as adults we are thrown into “the real world” with little to no experience on how to budget properly and little knowledge on what it really takes to feel financially stable. I have never been able to understand why we don’t take more math classes in high school and college that center around…

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    Fitness 101

    New Year, New Me right? Isn’t that what we are always striving for-more weight loss, more inches gone, more results. However, a lot of times either we work ourselves to death trying to see results as quickly as possible, or it just seems too hard after a few weeks in and we give up. As a former fitness instructor, I understand the feeling of being “burnt out.” I used to teach multiple times a week, multiple times a day, and no matter how much I loved it there would be times where not only was I burned out mentally, my body was as well. I am all about pushing yourself,…

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    How To Be A Good Host

    Alright, where are all my people who love to host a good get-together? I absolutely LOVE hosting and enjoy the process wholeheartedly-the preparation, organization, and then the best part-when your guests arrive. Especially ever since we have gotten a house, I have loved hosting even moreso. But, even in college, I loved having all my girlfriends over to my place for dinner and drinks-it’s just always been something I have enjoyed. However, I know that there are a lot of people out there that struggle with hosting, or get nervous to host a group of people. So, I wanted to put a list of things together that I think really…

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    Why This Less Talked About Island Has to Be Next on Your Travel Bucket List

    Ahh..island living. I could make a habit out of it. All the island’s I have ever visited has always had a different vibe-a sense of calmness and transparency about them. It is a step away from the rest of the world, and a time where you feel like there is no other moment but this one. For me, island living allows me to disengage from the chaos, and focus on the now. And, there is no better island to do that at than Menorca, Spain. Before three years ago, I had never even heard of this small island off the coast of Spain. While, many times it gets confused with…

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