Tuscany..or North Carolina?

She loved three things — a joke, a glass of wine, and a handsome man.”

— W. Somerset Maugham


I can’t argue with Maugham, he was on to something. My trip to Yadkin Valley this past May proved just that. Yadkin Valley is the perfect getaway for all of us North Carolinian’s that are looking for vineyard views without the plane ticket cost. It is located near Winston-Salem, so a little over 2 hours from Raleigh, and about an hour from Charlotte. There are about 70+ wineries to choose from, each with their own allure. The best part about Yadkin Valley, is that it offers vineyards with both sweet and dry wines. A lot of wines in the North Carolina area are made from a Muscadine grape, so it makes the wine very sweet. Alex and I are more dry red wine lovers, and Yadkin Valley gave me the opportunity to sift through different wineries and see which ones carried the drier wines we prefer.

I came across Yadkin Valley because I wanted to do something special for Alex’s birthday and explore a new place in North Carolina. Originally, I was just searching online for a cabin we could rent out somewhere, and then I stumbled upon these vineyards that had cabins on their property! I had never seen that before and being the wine lovers we are, it seemed like the perfect fit. I started doing more research, and realized that most of these cabins were located within Yadkin Valley on several vineyard properties. What is crazy to me, is that most people I have spoken to in the Raleigh area have never heard of Yadkin Valley. So, I have put together a list of my favorites from our time there to give you all a little piece of Tuscany right here in North Carolina.


Medaloni Cellars is where we stayed during our time in Yadkin Valley and I couldn’t recommend it more. You have two cabins to choose from- a one-bedroom typical cabin, or a treehouse cabin. We went for the one-bedroom because the treehouse one you had to stay for two nights. The cabin is absolutely adorable, and for $150 a night, you can’t beat it. They give you a welcome bottle of wine, and you can just walk over to the winery itself, do a tasting, walk around the vineyard, and just relax. We had a perfect stay at Medaloni. The cabin we stayed in is much closer to the actual tasting room (you can see it out your window) and the treehouse is off the beaten path a little more. I think no matter which one you go with, you’ll be happy with your choice.


Another option is the cabins at Elkin Winery. While we didn’t stay here, they look absolutely adorable. They have four different cabins available and the rates here range from $129-159 a night. Not a bad deal to be able to walk to your wine, if you ask me.



Words do not describe how delicious the food is at Ryan’s. Ryan’s is located in Winston-Salem, so a short drive from Yadkin Valley and it is worth the distance. Not only is the ambiance on point, the service and the food are fantastic. While this is a pricier option, your stomach will thank you for it.


We went here for breakfast and I didn’t want to leave. Unfortunately, it looks like they now just have lunch and dinner, but if it is anything like their breakfast, you won’t be disappointed. This location also has a winery too, and if you are into sweeter wines, it’s definitely the place for you.


Best. Pizza. Ever. Every Sunday they do made from scratch pizzas and it is quite possibly some of the best pizza I have ever had. You have to call ahead though to reserve your dough, because they run out fast-those things are in high demand ;).



Tuscany, or North Carolina? If you do nothing else with your time at Yadkin Valley, make sure you stop here. This place looks like it belongs in the Italian countryside. You drive up to this beautiful Tuscan inspired villa with a long driveway looping around the entire property to give you that perfect view of the vineyard. The wine here is to die for, and the views are unmatchable.


With this one being next door to Raffaldini, it only makes sense to stop in ;). They have live music almost every weekend and the wine tastings there are plentiful.


How could I leave this one out? Not only can you stay on property, they have some of the best wine we tried in the Valley. You can do a tasting here, order some cheese and crackers, and sit out on their patio with a great view of the vineyard.


Yes, this is the 3rd time you have seen this name come up on this blog post- it is the full package. If you haven’t written this one down yet, you better do it now. Not only does it have great food, and a place to stay, the wine is on point. With a good combination of sweet and dry wines to choose from, it’s the perfect place to spend your Sunday afternoon.



Hands down, Yadkin Valley is a great getaway, whether it be with your significant other, or a fun girls weekend-there is so much to do. The other great thing about Yadkin Valley is that they even have different wine trails laid out for you, if you don’t want to have to do the planning yourself. If you are planning on doing multiple wineries, I would suggest doing a wine tour, that way you don’t have to worry about getting a DD. While a lot of the wineries I chose were more to our dry wine preferences, there are plenty of wineries that focus on sweeter wines. You can find all the information your heart desires about the Yadkin Valley wine trails and tours here. From one wino to the next, do not miss out on this perfect hidden gem. Grab your wine lovers, and make this your next weekend getaway. You won’t regret it ;).

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