Christmas Time Traditions

It’s finally a week away from Christmas! I couldn’t be more excited for all of the celebrations to come. Something that has always been very important to me during the holiday season, is the traditions that come along with it. My family has many, and I mean MANY, traditions-sometimes its hard to keep up with all of them! Ha! But, they are my favorite part of the season. So, when Alex and I got married, I wanted to make sure we both incorporated some of our family traditions, as well as create traditions of our own. So, I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite Christmas time traditions and hopefully some of these ideas will help you start some traditions of your own 🙂 

  1. Horse and Buggy Carriage Ride

One of my favorites! Growing up, we would always go downtown Indianapolis and take a horse and buggy carriage ride to see all the beautiful lights! Bring some hot chocolate and cookies with you to make it extra special 🙂

  • 2) Out to Dinner on Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve my family would go to Church and then afterwards all go out to eat together to celebrate the coming of Christmas. We would go to the same place every year, but you can pick a new place yearly if you want to. For our family, this was so special because we didn’t go out to dinner much as a family, so it was always something to look forward to.

  • 3) Hersey Kisses Down the Stairs

Out of all the suggestions, this one is the cutest one if you ask me :). Every Christmas morning, my parents would turn on the Christmas music, and “Santa” would leave us a trail of Hersey kisses down our staircase to the Christmas tree. It is an adorable tradition that my husband and I continue even to this day.

  • 4) Create your Own Holiday Cocktail

There’s so many fun cocktails out there that are themed up for Christmas. This is a great site to find some inspiration for your next holiday concoction. It is the perfect Christmas Eve tradition to start with your loved ones- you can even do “mocktails” for the little ones.

  • 5) Open One Gift on Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve, my brother and I would open our gifts to each other. This is such a fun tradition to have because it is like a little tease of what is about to come the very next day! I think it is definitely something that you could do with your significant other, or if you have a family, let your kids open one present (either from you or their sibling) on Christmas Eve to get a little glimpse of the excitement to come.

  • 6) Watch Your Favorite Christmas Movie on Christmas Eve (we always watched either White Christmas or Christmas Vacation)

Such a fun tradition to have! It is a great way to end your night after you’ve gone out to dinner, opened your one present, and then now it’s time to really get into the holiday spirit and watch a fun Christmas movie! There are so many great ones out there, and we would hold off on watching either White Christmas (when we were younger) or Christmas Vacation until Christmas Eve to really make it special.

  • 7) Cookie Bake Off

I have to attribute this Holiday Tradition to my in-laws. Every year they do a contest on who can decorate the best cut-out cookie. They’ll make the cookies together, and then each person will decorate their own set of cut-outs, and send pictures off to a relative or friend to judge 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place (so there are no biases of course).  It is such a fun tradition the whole family can partake in!


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