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    Charming Charleston

    Never before have I visited a city and felt so much at home than when we first visited Charleston. Alex and I almost convinced ourselves within minutes of being there, that we would uproot our lives and book a moving truck to permanently live in the most beautiful city we’d ever seen. Then, reality settled in, and while Charleston is definitely somewhere we would want to live one day, for now we’ll settle on it for regular weekend getaways. I cannot recommend Charleston enough for those of you who haven’t gone there before, and I hope this guide helps you move Charleston up to #1 on your places to visit.…

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    Holiday Gift Guide- For Couples

    It’s FINALLY December!! Which means Christmas is just around the corner. I couldn’t be more excited. I know I have covered gifts for her, and gifts for him, but sometimes a couple gift is the best way to go! So, I have put together a list of my favorite couple’s gifts. All of these vary in price, so you can really tailor it to what you feel comfortable with spending depending on your price point. I hope this is helpful for you guys and if you have any more suggestions for great couple gifts, comment below!                            …

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    Holiday Guide-For Her

    Here’s your go-to guide for gifts for her. Whether you’re looking for your sister, friend, Mom, or Mother-in-Law, this gift guide will give you some great ideas for any price range! Under $50                 Under $100     or           Under $150                     XoXo,

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    Holiday Picks- For Him

    With Christmas quickly approaching, and the holiday sales popping up, I thought this was the perfect time to give you some great ideas for gifts for the man in your life. I hope that these ideas will make your Christmas check list a little more manageable. Under $50           Under $100       Under $150           XoXo,  

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    Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Sale-My Picks

    More sales for you! I have put together some of my personal favorites from the Macy’s Thanksgiving day sale. This sale ends 11/14/18, so make sure you snatch up these deals before they disappear!                           XoXo,

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    Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Sale-Gifts For Your Man

    My favorite word-SALE! Macy’s is having a huge sale right now and I know that I will be taking advantage of it to get some Christmas shopping done. So, I wanted to share some of my favorites with you! I wanted to start with a post geared towards gifts for the men in your life (because I know that sometimes they can be the hardest-at least for me!). Everything I have chosen, I would personally get for my husband, and I hope that you can pick a few of your favorites from these that will work for the special man in your life! Make sure to snatch these deals up…

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    Travel Tips and Tricks

    “I’d rather have a passport full of stamps than a house full of stuff.” This quote summarizes everything that represents me and my way of thinking. I always get questions about how Alex and I afford to travel as much as we do and go to the places we go to. Well, part of it is the fact that we spend our money on experiences, and not things. However, the other part of it is that because I am always searching for our next adventure, over the years I have learned tricks to make sure that we are maximizing our money and traveling smart. I am all about bragging about…

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    Long Distance Relationships and How to Make Them Work

    Distance makes the heart grow founder….right? At least that’s what we always hear. I remember resenting anyone who said that to me as my (then) boyfriend packed up his car on his way to move a state away for a new job opportunity. We went from being down the street from each other while  in college, to being a four-hour car ride away. Now, I understand it could’ve been worse. He could have been states away, or in another country for that matter, but distance is distance and at the time it seemed like a huge hurtle in our relationship. I was going to be in Muncie, Indiana to pursue…

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    Your Fall Boot Guide

    It’s officially FALL! Which if you’re anything like me, that means it’s time for boot season. I absolutely love the perfect pair of boots- whether it’s OTK, booties, etc., I am all about them. But, the one thing that I always have trouble with is spending hundreds of dollars on a single pair of boots, I just can’t do it. I am a bargain shopper and I take a lot of pride in that. I have always made it a point to search for fashionable, yet affordable options. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about a splurge here and there, but on my day to day purchases, I truly…

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    Your Ultimate Guide to Visiting Bordeaux

    If you know anything about me at all, it’s that wine and me are besties. I  even attribute wine to being the reason I sanely was able to get through grad school. But really, I am a wine lover. I wish I could say I was a connoisseur, but I don’t have the money for that..or the nose (I am horrible at describing the scents that are in wines). But, that doesn’t detour me from loving it any less. So, when Alex and I were trying to decide on what place we wanted to visit in France besides the obvious, Paris, we landed on Bordeaux because of the endless Château’s…

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